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Dragontooth and Dragonrend by Ikoter
Dragontooth and Dragonrend
This is an original sword concept which belongs to my fanfiction Dark Messiah II: Ashes Anew.

... Yes, its wielder is superhumanly powerful.
No! Bros! Sthaap! Don't Fite! by Ikoter
No! Bros! Sthaap! Don't Fite!
Who do you think would win? I vote for the Faraam Knight since I leveld him up to 838. The other dude is probably at lvl 60 or something.
No. 1
For a while now, night settled over Noxus. The atmosphere was rather peaceful, perfectly allowing an even more peaceful family to enjoy their dinner.
Akatosh, Vayne and Annmarie were sitting at a table, food before them, in an eerie silence.
“Hmm, hasn’t shown up after all, has he?” The wife had asked, much to Annmarie’s dismay.
The father refused to give an answer, knowing he might hurt little Annmarie’s feelings.
But the wall behind him broke, sending parts in multiple directions and forcing the family to flip the table and duck for cover.
“I’m here!” The man riding a steel stallion declared in a loud voice.
Akatosh placed his hands on his head. “Did you just-”
“Uncle!” The little girl said in full joy of the situation.
She rushed to the uncle, who lowered himself and picked her up. But he hadn't dismounted the stallion yet.
They took a few hooves forward and behind them, followed aunt Diana.
“Hello everyone.” The two intruders had only now declared.
Even though Akatosh was in a permanent state of jaw dropping at a loss for words, it still didn't deter his family to set out and meet them.
Annmarie was sitting on her uncle’s arm, clinging to his neck. He then unmounted the stallion with a smile on his face.
The aunt approached Annmarie, trying to introduce herself. But the little girl clinged to her uncle even tighter, sending the aunt away.
Diana felt down for a moment, but her husband patted her shoulder saying: “There, there. It’s okay.”
“It would seem the dinner is ruined, and as we're all starving, I may as well begin preparing a feast.” Vayne said. Diana accompanied her to the kitchen to help the cooking.
The rest remained in the dining room, flipping the table back up and expanding it so that their new guests can attend.
Akatosh came to his friend and placed his hand upon his shoulder. “I’m gonna frikkin kill you one day.”
“I know, I know.”

No. 2
Ryner was walking through the Institute of War, intent on reaching the training grounds.
His left hand was grabbed as suddenly, his angel showed up.
"Eh? What are you doing here?"
"I was around. Then I saw you."
Diana kissed his cheek.
"Umm, okay."
"Where you going to?"
She giggled.
"I hope it ends quickly."
"Me too."
Ryner could feel her hands warmth extend through his entire being.
But this happiness only lasted a second as the corridor through which they strode was splitting into two.
"Here, I head left. I don't suppose you come this way?" Diana had said.
She didn't like to be proven right in that moment, but Ryner washed her grief away.
"Thank you for being here, if only a little. It brightened up my day."
"Of course."
They shared a kiss, before breaking and going their separate directions.
Ryner went right while Diana went left.
He could feel her skin's warmth coursing through him even now.
As Ryner was about to turn the corner, he looked back. She too had done the same, and they shared a momentary glance at each other.

No. 3
It was finally over. The summoner tutoring lesson with councillor Vessaria had mentally exhausted Ryner.
He hated that the high councillor put him through extra sessions after his little incident with Diana.
Arriving back at the corridor where he split pathway not too many hours ago, Ryner spotted something in the distance.
Quietly sneaking upon the unsuspecting victim, the summoner coiled his arms around her.
"WHA?!" Her voice escaped as her hands jolt up, dropping the book.
Her eyes race to meet Ryner's, who right now, was overjoyed to see his angel.
"You scared me."
"Hah hah, did I?"
"Come here you-"
Diana gladly returned the favor in the form of a kiss. She then bended low and picked up her book.
"You waited here for me?"
"I couldn't just let you walk back home alone, could I?"
The two surround each other with their arms, uniting lips once more.
"Let's go home together..."

League of Legends: Role Play: Ryner's Fortune
Ryner's Fortune is a role playing fiction, where me and one of my friends role play through Runeterra. This right here is the portion that I've wrote down.
Day 1:

Ah hello. I don’t really know what to write here considering the day I just went through. I’m not exactly sure. I’m not who I used to be right now. I’m writing this journal to keep track of who I am. To keep my sanity? Yes, that’s what it must be for. How did it all happen? I was doing something. Something important? It must have been. And why were those sailors so angry? Angry at me for some reason. Ah. There was this girl with me. Or is she a woman? They beat her. The sailors tied her to the mast in the middle of the sea and beat her with some peg wood. She was brave. I did not hear her scream or cry. But I’m not sure. The reason is because I too was screaming of pain. I too had both my hands tied to parts of the ship and was whipped with whips. One man in front of me and another to the back. It hurt. But now the pain is numb. It must have been several hours since that happened. I had a thick metal collar around my neck. It weighed me a lot. I say it used to, because it no longer does. It’s still here though. Umm, then there was a storm I think. Something… came at the ship. My memories are fuzzy. I feel like I’m losing myself bit by bit ever since I came here. Ah, right, after the storm I woke up on an island, shipwrecked. At first my eyes opened with confusion, then with extreme happiness at the thought of having survived all of that. I felt no pain the moment I awoke, as if the touch of some beautiful Goddess reached me. --- Sorry. I spaced out there. I thought of what she might look like. Damn. I looked at my hand again. Sure, it’s covered with a thick gauntlet, but it reminds me every time I see it. My right hand, this very same hand with which I now write this journal entry, is mine no longer! Anyway, I panicked when I noticed that all the flesh around my right hand was gone, up to my shoulder. And if that wasn’t enough, half my right abdomen was bare bone! Mother of all sea rats! How did I end up like this? I feel no pain! I have little emotion! Why? DAMN THIS --- Shit. I nearly forgot I’m short on paper. I took this piece and almost ripped it. Now it’s misshaped. After I got up like some beggar, I saw the ship’s wreckage. Everything was dead! Bodies all about, powder, rope, crates, a lot of wood. The ship was in pieces. Could a storm really do something like this? Also, I woke up on sandy shore in the middle of nowhere. Sunshine and stuff, but why does she keep getting cold chills? Oh yeah, there was another survivor. The one that got beaten with me. She was unconscious. I picked her up and moved inland. It disturbed and still disturbs me that part of me is only skeleton. How the hell did I end up like that? --- I found a cavern, no inhabitant in sight. At least not yet. The girl still lies where I placed her, a bed made of animal fur that I found amidst the shipwreck. Sometimes she gets cold chills. Wait I already said that! How did I forget? This cavern is strange. Are those bones holding up the ceiling? Do you call it that, a ceiling? If I am in the belly of some dead beast right now, God knows what might surprise me next. What will I find further inland? Come to think of it, I’m still not hungry. Why am I not hungry yet? I already tried eating some sort of fruit that grew up in a tree. I had no appetite. Not even for some of that prime meat the sailors were having for lunch. --- I scavenged the shipwreck earlier today. I managed to retrieve a box of raw meat, some powder kegs and a barrel of wine. I also found a chest plate with a gauntlet that covers all my right hand. At least I don’t have to look at it directly anymore. Then I got a short axe with which I can cut wood. I’ll be returning by sunrise to scavenge further. It’s possible I and the girl aren’t the only survivors. Maybe someone else took supplies as well. I’ll see what I can find.
I haven't been able to post any new chapters for any of my stories for a long time now. The main reason is because I am a little... A little? More than a little... busy.

I got college, there are games I want to experience, and my mind is always, and I mean ALWAYS creating fanfics. I can't keep up!

I guess I understand now why it takes many authors years of their lives to write books. If you rush it, you may not make it into what you want it to be.

So, I apologize. Apologies...

RIght now I have around 6 stories that I have to work on, and it really saddens me that my mind is like a production factory, where there's just ONE worker to pack all the products in their boxes and send them to each respective owner and bla bla....

I am sick of this monkey humping pace on this monday to friday course!


Ikoter's Profile Picture
Reilight Ryner
Artist | Student | Literature
Age: 18 years
Height: 1.81 meters
Weight: 90 Kilograms

I was raised as the only child of my parents. Pff. I grew up being taught by my grandmother from the mother's side. As a kid I spent days in the neighborhood making friends. Duh.

I am somewhat patriotic. My school grades have always been on an average level only because I wasn't giving it a damn. Video games are a passion of mine, of which i have been cut short this year because its a very important year at school bla bla bla.

Most times I forget that I'm 18 years old so i just say I'm 17. I attend tutoring this year. Math's, Romanian (primary language) and Physics. I enjoy the little things in life, like, a short brake to watch a vid I like. At school I am sometimes compared to a bear.

I spent around two years, I think, doing karate. Lately I've been going to the gym, so I have a certain abundance of muscles. I am a really religious person so, I'm not keen to violence. I am hardly ever pissed off. You have to do a terrible or a very ugly thing to shake my nerves and make me angry.

I'm calm and calculated. Half of me is a more logical side telling me to study and everything to get good grades and half of me is telling me to pray to GOD because everything's going to be ok so just relax. I listen to both of them.

"When you start a job, get it done." My motto.

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